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Renovation Projects

Before, during, and after rebuild.  CPS transformed this pool by removing the plastic steps and adding a sundeck that features LED lighting and bubbler jets built-in.  The curved corners were replaced with 90 degree angles to accommodate an auto-cover. The auto-cover is contained within walkable concrete lid stones under the newly added diving board for a cohesive look.  A slide and designer handrails were added as well as a new liner.

Structurally, the pool below needed to be re-plumbed.  The entire perimeter of the pool was dug around and all lines were replaced to produce maximum and efficient water flow.  LED lighting was strategically placed to give an overall night-time glow.  This beautiful free form pool was measured and expertly fit with a new liner making it look refreshing and new again.

Below was an existing pool that in the end was a total rebuild.  After removing the old liner, the pool was in such disrepair, it could not be saved.  The steel kit was bolted up and additional features were added such as liner steps running the length of the pool. The floor was smoothed out and entire pool completely re-plumbed.  With a fresh new liner this pool was brought back to life!


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